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Wow, my last blog was in September?

Obviously, I'm not a blogger! What to blog about?? Hmmm...well, it is Spring. I don't know about you, but I feel a shift of some sort--it's amazing, because that's the exact essence of seasons...change! All of us are constantly changing. In times like these, I gently remind myself to stay open, even more open to the possibilities that could be, that are. I think it's important to be present, and to listen closely for the next move. I'd say this is the biggest thing I'm thinking about right now, besides writing new songs. Oh, yes I'm writing! That's something I should mention. My next big move, quite possibly, would be seeking out recording for these new songs of mine. As of right now, I have about 5-ish tunes under construction. I say 5-ISH, because one is around half done. Who knows, the number could change by tomorrow, by never knows when the creative mind will stir up. It's an exciting thing, really! I am staying open (there's that word again) to inspiration and taking the pencil or pen to paper when the idea hits. I feel as though, it is necessary to respond to that call. There's a reason why it's a CALL.

Maybe this will sit with you a certain way, maybe not. All I hope is that you can appreciate it for what it is. Will write to you all again soon...I'll make sure of it.

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